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Bedtime Stories for Hard Days

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An immediate bestseller, inspired by the runaway success of Scott’s TikTok and Instagram series, Bedtime Stories for Hard Days is a collection of bedtime poems that will help soothe and repair as children prepare to start tomorrow afresh.

With Scott’s characteristic warmth, friendliness and compassion, each story invites children to reflect on the day they’ve experienced before letting it go and relaxing into rest.

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My Shadow Book Series

My most popular series of books – these 2 books (soon to be 3) have been #1 best-sellers across the globe, they have appeared in publications such as the New York Times, they have also been read in Parliament within Australia and the USA.

In 2022, I turned My Shadow is Pink into a Short Film, and it is currently in development to be turned into a major animated TV series.

My Shadow is Pink

#1 International Best-Seller

Major TV Series in Development

My Shadow is Pink is a beautifully written rhyming story that touches on the subjects of gender identity, self acceptance, equality and diversity.

Inspired by my son, ‘Shadow’s’ main character likes princesses, fairies and things ‘not for boys’… he soon learns (through the support of his dad) that everyone has a shadow that they sometimes feel they need to hide. This is an important book for a new generation of children (and adults alike) which exemplifies the concepts of unconditional love, respect and positive parenting.

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My Shadow is Purple

#1 International Best-Seller

My Dad has a shadow that’s blue as a berry, and my Mum’s is as pink as a blossoming cherry. There’s only those choices, a 2 or a 1. But mine is quite different, it’s both and it’s none.

A heartwarming and inspiring book about being true to yourself. This story considers gender beyond the binary in a vibrant spectrum of colour.

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My Other Books


#1 International Best-Seller

Being alone can be tough, especially in the darkness of space.

Earth is an affectionate planet who is looking for a friend. She’s delighted when she spots Sun, but Sun is quick to reject her offer of friendship. ‘I can’t be friends with a planet like you, for I am a star and you are too new.’ As Earth searches the solar system, she’s met with a similar response from the other planets – Mercury only likes friends who are dry, Mars only makes friends with those who are red, and Jupiter only has time for big friends.

When something fiery, red and menacing comes hurtling towards her, she fears the worst … but could it be a sign that something wonderful is about to happen?

Alone is an endearing story about how sometimes our worst moments can lead to the best things in life.

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Brain is Not Always Right

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Heart loves puppies, and chocolate, and rollercoasters, and dancing along to music. Brain likes lists, and broccoli, and safety rails, and wearing sensible clothing. But, most of all, Brain likes always being right.

A thoughtful and heartwarming story about being true to yourself.

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The Very First You

Celebrating Individuality & Diversity

Nobody has ever smiled your smile, or ran the way that you run. The chances of you being born as you are, were 400 trillion to one.

Encouraging young readers to embrace their uniqueness and see the joy that their individuality brings to the world. Encompassing children from different backgrounds and told in irresistible rhyme, The Very First You is a must-have picture book for all young readers.

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How To Be A Real Man

National Best-Seller

Encouraging boys to embrace who they truly are in this empowering and funny story, smashing age-old assumption about what it means to be a man.

Encompassing boys and men from different backgrounds, and told in irresistible rhyme, How to be a Real Man is a must-have picture book for all young readers.

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Who’s A Goose

National Best-Seller

There’s a barrel of monkeys and giraffes in a tower, A loud band of gorillas, and frogs in the shower. Then there’s these two, who are called Bill and Bruce… and one of them is definitely a very silly goose!

A hilarious animal rhyming story.

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Who’s A Little Goose

Learn Collective Nouns the Fun Way!

Little pigs are piglets. A dove is a squeaker. Baby monkeys are infants … (Look out! There’s a leaker!) Little echidnas are puggles, lots of pups are a litter … So many kids! These geese need a babysitter!

Another hilarious baby animal rhyming story.

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