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Short Films

My Shadow is Pink

In 2020, I set out to turn My Shadow is Pink into my first short animated film.

It took 18 months of extremely hard work, working with a small group of extremely talented individuals, but we finally managed to bring it to life.

The goals/reasons behind making the short film were:

  • Get noticed by studios in hopes of getting a TV/Movie deal for the book (ultimately bringing the message of acceptance to a far wider audience)
  • Learn to create my first animated short film so that I can lean on those skills for future projects on the screen

Since the release of the short film:

  • We are now in development of a My Shadow is Pink TV Series
  • Over half a million views on YouTube

I am extremely proud of this short film – it was so much harder to create than I expected, and took so much longer than I ever anticipated. And I am proud to say, that I am taking the lessons learned in production, and am in the early stages of developing my second short film.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Watch the film

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